We tell stories through cinema.

We’re out to provoke and challenge. We aim to stretch movies in each and every direction.

You have breathed life into a dying film scene.
-Bill Pierce, Film Critic @ Examiner.com

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It’s our nature as storytellers.

We must make movies as we also have to breathe and eat to live.

Travis Mills and the Running Wild Films team are the definition of independent filmmaking. Their hard work and dedication is putting Arizona on the filmmaking map. With numerous short films already under their belt and a feature on the way, Running Wild Films is a name to remember.
– Christopher Coffel, Film Critic @ Trashwire.com

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We work fast.

We use our limitations and the obstacles that confront us. We are resourceful, indigenous, and original.

If actors are looking to enhance their performance and become more creative in their roles, then look no further…Running Wild Films will take you there!
– Rob Edwards, Actor

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